Beauty, commitment,
and   craftsmanship.

Embellish your homes and offices with the natural beauty of Indian stones.

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How we
came to be

Our founder, Mr. Rajesh Bhandari’s, relationship with granites is decades old. He started small in 1993 by supplying granite through a retail store. Years of commitment, hard work, and expertise helped him transform this small retail business into a wholesale business, which started servicing clients across the globe.

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Our Collection

From exotic to minimalistic, KP Granites is home to them all!

Beautifying the world
one tile at a time

We are currently present in 3 countries and are expanding rapidly.


The Process

Here’s how the highest quality of Indian natural stone reaches you

  • Procuring raw material from the quarry
  • Sawing it in the factory
  • Grinding it to perfection
  • Applying epoxy
  • Polishing the final product before shipping it

Natural beauty is unmatchable